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The piece below on the left is a concrete panel measuring 6' x 3' that was created as a shower panel that is now installed at a bed and breakfast in Lake Tahoe.  This piece is a representation of the piece on the right which is a famous work of art done by Kandinsky called "Panel #1."    It was a commissioned piece we were honored to do and were quite honored to do!

Concrete wall art - As far as we know, we are the only people producing this type of art work!  

  I love all things concrete, so while it seems like a natural progression of my obsession, the idea to try to pour "art" came quite by chance.  While attending an advanced counter top class, the instructor decided to blow our minds by creating a blue concrete shower panel.   That was all it took.  When I discovered I could use virtually any type of pigment to color concrete, the options seemed endless to me.  The idea to create Starry Night came almost instantly and what better way to test the limits than to recreate a master piece!

  As an artist I started out decorating cookies and painting store windows for my parents bakery growing up.  In high school and college, I took every type of art class available from drawing, to class etching, painting to print making.  As a General Building Contractor, I have participated in the design of countless projects, painted houses, murals, become a master of all things concrete and done countless faux painting projects.  It has taken all of the skills I've acquired in the 20+ years create these concrete pieces.  

  Creating concrete art is quite a process and takes roughly 7-10 days.  It all starts with creating the custom mold for each pieces.  The design will need to be flipped and poured backwards from front to back.  It will be removed from the mold after 30 hours and left to dry for another 12 hours.  The piece is  then sealed to reveal the concrete color and to prepare for grouting.  After 6 hours, the piece is then grouted, depending on the pieces, we will use between 2 and 15 colors.  After allowing the grout to dry completely, the piece is sealed again with a penetrating sealer and it begins the process of layering another 4-5 coats of counter top grade sealers.  The result is a beautiful piece of art that dances with color and texture that will last, virtually FOREVER!  

  Pieces are available for purchase at Interior Images, Two Rivers Art Gallery and Michael David Hair design in Wenatchee. Purchase direct by calling Darin at 509-289-4433.  We also do commissioned pieces, just ask!

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