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Concrete Counter Tops

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Our concrete counter tops are poured off site, in our studio.  The process takes roughly two weeks from templating to installation. After cabinets are installed,  custom molds for created each section of countertop.  The pieces are then poured in colored concrete..  Once poured the process of detailing, finishing and sealing takes roughly 10 days.   The finish product mimics natural stone however, unlike natural stone, we are able to control the coloring and style (veining) of the finished piece.  The end results are stunning!

Many people are hesitant to install concrete counter tops due to concerns with staining and wear over time.  Polished tops (industrial style) are often sealed with a penetrating sealer which will not block out all stains and over time the concrete will patina.

 Our  concrete tops are different, they are sealed with a proprietary 3 step sealing.  The first coats of sealer are  penetrating sealers which are absorbed into the concrete and "pops" the colors .   The next coat is a primer, applied to prepare the surface for the final coat, a diamond hard, topical sealer which protects the surface from scuffs, scrapes and stains. When complete, the sealers are hard, durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain giving you years of worry free beauty.