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Concrete Showers - 

Concrete showers can be create using two different methods or by combining the two.

A hand carved shower allows you the versatility of creating a three dimensional space in which rocks or trees have depth and can be used as part of the shower for places to hand back brushes and wash cloths or as shelves to hold toiletry items.  The style of rock or wood can be completely customized to be as refined or rustic as you like.  The possibilities of colors and textures are infinite, we can create most colors.   I'm sure you are wondering about the maintenance....that's the best part!  Wipe down with soap and water, that's it.  Really.  This product is being used all over the world in theme and water parks because of it's impervious to stains, soaps, oils, mold and mildew.  The sealers we use on this product penetrate the concrete lock in the color and seal the concrete.

A shower created out of 1/2" concrete shower panels in contrast, offers a smooth, warm finish.  All panels are created to order.  Our standard panel mimics stone and because they are created in the studio, we are able to create continuous veining, an option often very costly in natural stone.  

Another option is to use both options together, 1/2" panels with a hand carved pan and or custom toiletry shelves or hooks.  This option affords a lot of room for creativity and a custom look.  I found that is a fantastic way to bring a little natural feeling into a bathroom and I find it soothing.