We began pouring concrete together in 1993 and have been perfecting it every since.  We've poured a whole lot of it, everything from basements and foundations to stamping intricate patterns and finished interior hand colored floors to bathtubs.   We were one of the first in the Quincy valley to start stamping floors and hand carving to create rocks and trees.  That passion to mimic nature with concrete led taking classes all over the country to increase our knowledge and creating a stone style counter top and eventually concrete showers and our 1/2" panels.  We've taken our time in developing this product, testing sealers and developing our pouring methods and mixes.  We wanted a product that could be used indoors as well as out both in dry and wet environments that would stand the test of time.  

Through a lot of testing we are confident we have the best product on the market.  We have two types of sealers to offer.  One that looks very natural where you can feel the concrete but still have excellent stain resistance and it will last for a least 15 years if not forever, that's just how long the test data is... 

The second option is an epoxy coating over the concrete.  You get the look and beauty of the stone look and protection and heat resistance of epoxy.  If it gets scratched or damaged, you simply sand it down lightly and polish.  It's a fantastic option for outdoor and commercial applications.

‚ÄčD.C.CustomConstruction Inc.

Incredible design.   Spectacular concrete artistry.