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Why Concrete?

Concrete is the oldest man made building material.  Used throughout the ancient world it still stands today in many of those structures and that fact got me to thinking and investigating more deeply into its use, methods and mixes.  My research was really sparked when watching a documentary on Pompeii when researchers uncovered ruins of concrete floors and plaster walls fully intact under layers of thick volcanic ash still vibrantly colored as the day they were installed. I thought to myself, there is no linoleum or carpet that would withstand such circumstances.  The craftsmanship and detail that was evident in these structures was astounding, they were works of art, worthy of preservation.

In a throw away world where we are there is an obvious need to be concerned about waste, why not build for keeps?  Why choose a material with a 5,10 or 15 year warranty when you can choose a product with a 20, 25 or 50 year or even 100 year life span?  The only thing that affects concrete is erosion, maintenance in minemal, occasional sealer, depending on the surface and we are happy to educate you.

Now lets talk about health and environmental benifits.  Concrete is hypo allergenic.  We use concrete on the interior of homes because if you have allergies this is the best surface to use a floor.  We use water based sealers with No VOC's, high grade commercial, two part with a wax coat on top, you will not have to seal again for several years, wax once or twice a year and you are good to go!  A maintenance free floor.  Did you that concrete does something call CARBON CAPTURE? That means that concrete over the life of the concrete captures carbon dioxide out of the air, more so than plants!  So as you exhale, the concrete is absorbing the carbon dioxide, isn't that amazing??  We have known that about plaster walls for decades, now that we have confirmed that about concrete, I believe it will change the way we build homes.  This is why we have been building with concrete floors and plaster walls, healtier homes, for healthier lives!

Carbon Capture, you're going to hear about it!

Incredible designs.                          Masterfully constructed.                  Spectacular concrete artistry.

D.C.CustomConstruction Inc.

Forever Art

Concrete art really happened all by chance, a dare really.  I never really expected to be "an artist."  In fact, it's taken me years really to accept that as a title, I'm really more of a concrete junkie who's a pretty good mimic.  At an advanced countertop class the instructor poured a bright blue 1/2" shower panel using pigment intended for paint, explaining that you could use a variety of pigments to color concrete.  My mind literally exploded and I said to him, a little in jest, that if I could make blue, that I could pour "Starry, Starry Night" he laughed and that turned into a dare of sorts.  Several months later after playing in my studio, I did, much to his amazement and that was the beginning of my concrete art journey.

I have always played with art, I doodle on everything.  I would draw items in the room when bored or nervous, especially when I was in school.  My family owned a cookie bakery when I was a teen and I use to decorate large cookies for customers.  It had become a bit of a game among some of the other downtown merchants to try to pick designs to try and "stump" me with various characters and designs.  Back in those days I would riffle through phone books and print adds looking for photos of Bart Simpson, Bugs Bunny or an English phone booth to draw on a 16" cookie, we didn't have the internet then.  I painted the store windows for the seasonal changes and holidays, little did I know that the process of painting inside out would be the practice I would need later in my career.  I only took a handful of art classes, glass etching, air brush and a drawing class in college. Looking back it helped tremendously and I loved them at the time but art didn't seem "practical."    Having our children young, I still painted windows for the holidays, we did sidewalk chalk, painted furniture, painted murals on all of their bedroom walls and ceilings, I never dreamed all of that practice would have led to this.  The fusion of pouring concrete, painting houses and being creative into something that is truly new in the world of concrete.....

​In talking with my friend and mentor about a new art piece he said this, "there is rarely something new developed in the world of concrete, this is something no one has ever done before, it's totally new."  As I began to really search and look, he was right, it is.  These pieces are poured in colored concrete, upside down and backwards, they are not colored or stained afterwards, they are poured as you see them, no gimmicks. While watching a special on Pompeii, I sat stunned as they uncovered a concrete tile floor that had laid beneath the ashes for thousands of years. When cleaned off and restored, it looked as it had the day before the volcano had erupted, it was in that moment that I realized what I would call the art that I had created, because I knew it would last the test of time.

Below are samples of pieces that I have done, some are in showers, some are wall hangings, others are permanent wall installations.  Pieces are sealed for interior or exterior use, they are permanently sealed and food and UV safe.  We welcome commercial and residential installations.  We do ship nationwide and will provide installation instructions however, if you prefer, we are also available for installation services.

 Panel Installation Include but are not limited to:

  • BBQ surrounds and outdoor kitchens
  • Exterior and interior wall facade
  • Showers - indoor & outdoor
  • Hospitality Desks
  • Food service surrounds
  • Wall art - touchable art for Pediatric offices
  • Signage
  • Wainscoting
  • Water features