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Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

Main Lodge at Mission Ridge Ski and Snow Resort - Wenatchee, Wa

If you've been to the main lodge at Mission Ridge Ski Resort and ordered one of their legendary burgers and fries​​ you may have noticed the mountain scene playing out beneath the tray bar.  The infamous Bomber Cliffs are an icon on this mountain and that is the scene we chose to be the first display of this new art form.

What is it, you might ask?  It is 100% poured, colored concrete.  A light weight, grfc hybrid mix, but concrete, non the less.  It is a technique we have been working on for a number of years and we are finally ready to share, in a big way!    All of our pieces are sealed with a multiple layers of counter top grade sealers and are food safe.  These particular, "panels" are 1/2" thick are able to be installed just about anywhere!  We see them being used hospitality and commercial settings of all types for high impact, no maintenance solutions for signage and artwork that is very customizable.

And make no mistake, this is art!  These pieces are all poured by hand, by me, upside down and backwards, it is a fantastic, mind bending challenge.  Unlike a traditional painting, let's not forget, this is concrete, you have a limited amount of time, the clock is ticking and the concrete will set up whether or not you FEEL done or not...you have to move quickly!  And while I'm pouring and creating, I'm also custom mixing each and every color.  It is the most focused, exhilarating work I have ever done.  And when I "pop the forms" and see a piece for the first time, it's like Christmas, every time!  Not everything turns out exactly how you expect it, this is concrete and it's fluid and that's part of the beauty.  But for me, that is also what makes it amazing. 

These panels will last for a very long time.  It's art you can touch and live with, remember, these started out as showers!  What space would you add a little "art" to?

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