Tuscan Style Flip House - In Progress!

4000 square feet

3 bd 3.5 bath in East Wenatchee.  

Features large butler pantry, out door pizza oven. Large master suite with spa shower, in ground concrete bathtub and 2nd Junior suite.

Turner Residence - Full gut remodel.  

We added a garage, full HVAC system, brought the plumbing and wiring up to date and created an independent living space in the basement.  

Old Barn House - Custom, New Construction

Why Concrete?

Concrete is the oldest man made building material.  Used throughout the ancient world it still stands today in many of those structures and that fact got me to thinking and investigating more deeply into its use, methods and mixes.  My research was really sparked when watching a documentary on Pompeii when researchers uncovered ruins of concrete floors and plaster walls fully intact under layers of thick volcanic ash still vibrantly colored as the day they were installed. I thought to myself, there is no linoleum or carpet that would withstand such circumstances.  The craftsmanship and detail that was evident in these structures was astounding, they were works of art, worthy of preservation.

In a throw away world where we are there is an obvious need to be concerned about waste, why not build for keeps?  Why choose a material with a 5,10 or 15 year warranty when you can choose a product with a 20, 25 or 50 year or even 100 year life span?  The only thing that affects concrete is erosion, maintenance in minemal, occasional sealer, depending on the surface and we are happy to educate you.

Now lets talk about health and environmental benifits.  Concrete is hypo allergenic.  We use concrete on the interior of homes because if you have allergies this is the best surface to use a floor.  We use water based sealers with No VOC's, high grade commercial, two part with a wax coat on top, you will not have to seal again for several years, wax once or twice a year and you are good to go!  A maintenance free floor.  Did you that concrete does something call CARBON CAPTURE? That means that concrete over the life of the concrete captures carbon dioxide out of the air, more so than plants!  So as you exhale, the concrete is absorbing the carbon dioxide, isn't that amazing??  We have known that about plaster walls for decades, now that we have confirmed that about concrete, I believe it will change the way we build homes.  This is why we have been building with concrete floors and plaster walls, healtier homes, for healthier lives!

Carbon Capture, you're going to hear about it!

Moses Lake House remodel

Home Sweet Home - Remodeled 1950's rambler.  We are constantly updating and remodeling this house.  This is where we try new things.  It has a concrete bathtub, lots of venetian plaster, water features, an in ground  trampoline, heated floors, epoxy, you name it, we've done it!

Miller Wading Pool & Sun Deck

Old Carrow House 

Legacy House - Full gut remodel of small farm house.  Tile floors, solid core wood doors, dark wood trim and concrete counter tops and showers.  Build to with stand the next 50 years.

Smith Residence - New Construction

Concrete shower with 1/2" panels and stamped pan

Hand carved vertical concrete exterior & stamped concrete exterior.  

RAM house - New Construction

D.C.CustomConstruction Inc.

Hawk's Nest Castle Project - Full gut remodel with Indoor pool - In progress...

Red Barn House - New Construction

Old Rustic Farm House Remodel 

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